Manchurian Candy Cover

Manchurian Candy

Double Agent Candy Jones: from Cover Girl to Cold War Spy Published in Fortean Times, Issue 148, July 2001 Editor’s Introduction:  To the world she was one of the most successful American Fashion Models of the 1940s—but she led a secret life as a Manchurian candidate-style agent for the US Intelligence Services during the Cold …

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Invasion of the Doll People

Published in Fortean Times No. 156, March 2002 Editor’s  Introduction: John Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies (1975)—argues COLIN BENNETT—stands alongside John Michell’s Flying Saucer Vision (1967), John Fowles’ The Magus (1965), Patrick Harpur’s Daimonic Reality (1994), and Anthony “Doc” Shiels’ Monstrum (1990) as a modern masterpiece that reimagines our place in the world.  Such classics point …

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Rocket In His Pocket

Published in Fortean Times, Issue 132, March 2000 Editor:  One of the founding fathers of American rocket-science was a character strung between Scott Fitzgerald, Jack Kerouac, and the Devil himself.  Colin Bennett considers the short but remarkable life of a blazing star, Jack Parsons. John Whiteside Parsons, born Marvel, known as Jack, writer, visionary, dedicated …

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For the Sake of a Greater Cosmos

An introduction to the thought of Colin Bennett Colin Bennett’s rich and lasting contribution to our culture was as a philosopher of anomalies. His thought—full of brilliance, broad humour, lyricism, and vitality, and exquisitely allusive in its breadth of reference—is embodied in three analytical biographies, three highly original novels which went far beyond the contemporary …

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