Child Brides From Outer Space

First published in Reality Uncovered magazine, May 10, 2010

Part 1:   Exopolitics, or the Thinking Ufologist’s Crumpet [1] 

What is Exopolitics?

The Men

The Exopolitical movement is a radical sector of the Disclosure Movement in the United States. This movement aims to put pressure on the government to open secret files which will show that extraterrestrial aliens are here on planet Earth in great numbers. It assumes that we must therefore try to relate our own human society to such alien social structures in a deeply political way. But the movement doesn’t possess Professor Hawking’s halting caution as regards extraterrestrial aliens. [2]

In contrast to Hawking’s careful evaluation and warning, Exopolitical people such as the bloggers Stephen Greer, Steve Hammond, Marcia McDowall, and Ed Komarek all claim that humanoid-looking aliens mix freely with human beings and exercise a fair degree of control over the affairs of humanity. Exopolitics also claims that the armed forces of the world and their associated State Intelligence sections are quite aware of these aliens, but apparently, human power-brokers must keep the presence of extraterrestrial creatures a secret for fear of public panic. Further claims of the movement are that the famed military-industrial complex is trying to re-engineer alien technology, but the trouble is (they report from the scene) that most of the major principles are almost impossible to understand in terms of our Earth science.

Exopolitics as a predictable, continually updated Web meme has had considerable success, and has now quite outgrown the somewhat earlier crude prototypal memes such as SERPO, Project Camelot, and the much more sophisticated Caret phenomenon. [3]

As for contact with these quotidian aliens, most leading Exopoliticians such as Michael Salla and Alfred Webre claim that the first tentative steps have already been taken. In April 7, 2005, Salla founded the Exopolitics Institute, based in Kealakekua, Hawaii, and on June 4, 2006, Al Jazeera published an article discussing a letter Salla had sent them informing them of the possibility of alien intervention to prevent a nuclear attack on Iran by the United States of America. On June 9, 2006, Salla convened the Hawaii Conference on World Peace and Extraterrestrial Civilizations; while his current Exopolitical interests have led him to assert that the undisclosed presence of extraterrestrials is one of the primary forces behind international conflict.

He further states that the claims of various “whistleblowers” (informants) suggest that as many as sixteen different extraterrestrial civilizations are currently interacting with the human race, that while a number of other extraterrestrial races monitor Earth affairs, although these prudently avoid contact. Most of Salla’s claims are derived from individuals who say they have contacted extraterrestrials. The fact that he does not state he has met any himself is a singular genus of deniability that has aroused much (mainly negative) debate in the UFO field. For instance, in conversation with the Washington Post, Salla pointed to evidence widely available as the source for his research on extraterrestrial visitation: “There’s a lot of stuff on the Internet, and I just went around and pieced it together.”

It was Alfred Webre who helped to draft the Exopolitical Citizen Hearing in 2000 with the rather more conservative and cautious Stephen Bassett, and he also serves as a member of the Board of Advisers at the Exopolitics Institute. He is the congressional coordinator for the Exopolitical Disclosure Project, and the International Director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space.

He also began with an impressive assault on the technological Establishment. In 1977 he joined Stanford Research Institute (SRI International) in Menlo Park, California, as a futurist for the Center for the Study of Social Policy. His responsibilities there were the studies in alternative futures, innovation diffusion, and social policy applications for clients including the Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communications Study, the National Science Foundation, U.S. Congress (Office of Technology Assessment), the U.S. Department of Energy, and the State of California (Energy Plan).

Whilst all that consultation may exude impressive credibility, it is edifying to take a cautionary look at Webre’s latest thoughts, [4] where his bureaucratic language is a juicer-blend of the BBC functionary comedy Yes Minister laced with some drops of Dr Who:

Recent whistleblower, direct witness and documentary evidence have led to the development of new typology of extraterrestrial civilizations.  The new typology establishes the following types for extraterrestrial civilizations and extraterrestrial governance bodies as concerns extraterrestrial law.  The new typology for extraterrestrial civilizations was developed by Exopolitics author and researcher Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd in response to a request by Oxford University Press, a department of the University of Oxford, U.K. The new evidence-based typological model divides extraterrestrial civilizations into (A) Extraterrestrial civilizations (third dimension), that is (1) Solar system civilizations (third dimension) based in the third dimension in our solar system, such as the intelligent human civilization living under the surface of Mars that reportedly enjoys a strategic relationship with the United States government; and (2) Deep space civilizations (3rd dimension), that is, intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations that are based in the third dimension and on a planet, solar system, or space station in our or another galaxy or in some other location in this known physical, third dimension universe. (B) Hyper-dimensional civilizations, that is intelligent civilizations that are based in dimensions or universes parallel or encompassing our own dimension and that may use technologically advanced physical form and/or transport when entering our known dimension or universe.  With regard to extraterrestrial law and governance, the new extraterrestrial civilizations typology identifies (C) Extraterrestrial governance authorities: Legally constituted extraterrestrial governance authorities with jurisdiction over a defined territory, such as the Milky Way Galactic Federation, which has been empirically located in replicable research.

Perhaps Webre should be booked immediately for an edgy one-man show.  Love the mock-authoritarian voice, the name-dropping, and the obligatory suggestion of connections to Intelligence Agencies, with the equally obligatory nudge-nudge about “secret” knowledge of ET derring-do. Anyone who knows anything about such drab Agencies knows that in general, their sobriety and conservatism alone, plus their blinkered gumshoe imagination (let alone their limited finances) would generally prohibit any liaisons with foil-hat Child-Brides like Webre, Basiago, or the Jerry Springer Ufologists such as Bill “SERPO” Ryan, who fled America leaving a reeking pile of bad debts and whole tribes of ripped-off women wielding hot cattle-castrating irons.

I couldn’t find any mention of Webre on the Oxford University Press web site (as he claims). But I did read that self-inflicted act of postmodern annihilation, Webre’s Web newspaper, the “Seattle Politics Examiner”. It is a Dada composition uploaded to the Web Age, and should be read aloud to Schoenberg, or old Gerard Hoffnung’s Symphony for Vacuum Cleaners. Do these Child Brides, we might ask, ever come down from the altitude of cloud-cuckoo Olympus?  Vastly over-inspired, and seeing aliens everywhere, they are in steady need of depressants. They might at least do something ordinary for relief all round: eat black pudding near a rain-swept chip shop on an equally black evening in Bolton, with one leaning street lamp for inspiring illumination.

Yes, in Webre’s situation a little applied depression could be positively therapeutic for all of us. He could try a Parliamentary debate or English cricket, but then aliens never appear within marvellously prosaic scenarios, but always in glamorous sexy high-tech paradigms. The alien equivalents to debt collectors or cobblers, who wipe their noses, or steal the wallets or wives of other aliens, or sweep the streets, or fall into despair or love or fail in their ambitions, these are all irrational visions.  Nor is there an alien equivalent to the British political brain, which resembles a void Tammany Hall broom cupboard. Yes, real aliens are always pure, powerful, and all-knowing.

What is missing, therefore, in Webre’s alien cosmos, is love and laughter, and the absurdity of the human-style anarchy of cock-ups throughout the entire field of consciousness. Exopolitical aliens are far too efficient  and intellectually specific (in translation, no less) to be “real” but then perhaps “reality” in the old, commonly accepted mechanical sense is way beside the point.

The Bloggers

The blogger Victor Martinez is a kind of no-holds-barred, buzzing amplifier for all the amazing streams of twisted Exopolitical consciousness. You imagine that in theory you could give Victor  anything that is possible to imagine, way beyond winged horses, fairies seen in space stations or staring David Icke’s lizard-skinned aliens, and he would transmit these enthusiastically (in blazing headlines) as “real” existences and even dull, universal experiences. His is the supreme expression of Exopolitics as art form in that an art form indeed does express truth, but moral truth as distinct from that mechanical truth uttered in throw-away tones by Exopoliticians.

Martinez is said to be a former federal employee “with an interest in space, defence and current affairs.” Recipients of his email news items are a wide variety of people interested in “emerging and leading-edge scientific developments.” Well, for Martinez “scientific developments” include a summary of transmissions by blogger Gary Bekkum, whose book Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape supplies the Full Monty of Exopolitical legend: black ops, mysterious government agents, secret government fantastico-technology, and anecdotes of aliens in the White House. Bekkum, along with Martinez, is largely responsible for the recent revival of the SERPO movement. Their Serpo takes the form of a Web-born equivalent to the kiddies’ boxed board-games of long ago where the rather vague moves of the game include “secret knowledge,” information from “anonymous sources,” and “Ahem, I’m in touch with Intelligence insiders.”

Although, as far as serious operational work is concerned, Intelligence would not touch such Exopoliticans even by drone from the other side of the world, certainly the more “enlightened” branches of Intelligence may use such folk for their own dark purposes. Movements like Exopolitics are fed with scraps like packs of yapping puppies by “Intelligence agencies” interested in political and military aspects of the possibilities of mythological engineering.

They insert a fractal, kick start it, and see what speeding hares come out of the bag. They will insert “false agenda” and “false flag” designer memes [5] and fit the ebb and flow of such into new “intelligent” prototypal systems of social control. This is now a well-known military direction: already the Pentagon is seeing future warfare as essentially a battle using information-weaponry rather than involving tanks and guns, aircraft and ships. Whole countries could be shut down instead by levels of pure deception involving various types of evolving technology, including mass-media technology. Such deception might indeed include rigged “alien” Exopolitical-type invasion scenarios, complete with convincing physical displays. Thus Exopolitics could operate as a manipulated howl-round of well-designed societal confusions.

For if an “enemy” is confused, he is setting himself up for rapid and final destruction.

Thus Kipling’s “great game” of espionage is changing from a Sherlock Holmes and John le Carré world into areas inconceivable by the older Intelligence systems as described by such authors, who are horse soldiers now faced by systems which think at tank speed.

In this sense, undoubtedly modern Pop, Rock, and Art Forms generally are shot through with vast systems of comparatively bloodless persuasion. And in this area of designer-led Exopolitical art form, Martinez circulates and promotes the verbal equivalents to ancient B-Feature posters where handsome muscular men rescue beautiful women in torn dresses from tentacle-waving, sucker-popping Martians. Here is a recent news bulletin from Martinez:

The Dia contact reportedly provided information about the monitoring and intervention by U.S. officials regarding a particular extraterrestrial being posing as a human within the U.S.  The Contact also noted the more general issue of extraterrestrials visiting Earth who may blend in with the human population, for various reasons. The contact stated, “In reference to your repeated requests to present some new information never before disclosed to the public … I went outside of our agency to close intelligence contacts of mine and secured the following … I just received information on a highly sensitive operation code-named ‘Operation TANGO-SIERRA’ that occurred in early 1980.  It involved U.S. intelligence capturing an alien being living among us.

Believe this, and you will believe anything, and you may even be ready to take action.[6]

The Woman

Laura Eisenhower, a radical New-Ager, has recently joined Webre’s Exopolitical group. She has a guru, one Ki’ Lia.  As with most Exopolitical websites, a mere glance at Ki Lia’s site does not inspire rational confidence. Ki Lia’s guru, in turn, is one Sergeant Clifford Stone, a “whistle blowing” SERPO Warrior Number 1 if ever there was one. This pair chase one another’s metaphysical tails and create a miniature masterpiece based on overlapping metaphors until a reader is quite breathless, drunk with stories drawn from the four corners of surveillance belief:

Ki’ Lia, who has worked as an accomplished innovative and multidisciplinary design consultant with many renowned pioneers, corroborates the background of how Ms. Eisenhower was targeted as a subject by a shadowy group behind the secret Mars colony, using time travel and exotic targeting techniques.

The whole fast-breeding Exopolitical campaign is about control of the high frontier of politically persuasive metaphor. Every element is heightened, as in a commercial break for mint popcorn. No dogs being sick in kitchens, no spilt chip-pans, and no degrading demands from debt collectors, merely a bald and simple report from   Ki’ Lia that, “After years of friendship, in the spring of 2006 in Washington DC, I met Laura Eisenhower and her new romantic partner, who I will call Agent X.” Agent X? Sounds like something from a non-viral You Tube video. But these Exopolitical bards are suckers for their own subliminal embarrassment:

He claimed to know himself as Joseph of Arimathea / Osiris / Orion and affiliated with different, interlinked secret societies, e.g, Knights Templar and Freemasons.  He and Laura quickly formed an intimate relationship, and I helped conduct a ‘Divine Union’ rites of passage for them.

What a load of transcendental occult responsibilities! Do they ever get time to fry a sausage?  Or ask themselves if Agent X is some unemployed down-at-heel lift attendant from downtown Detroit? Let’s hope Laura didn’t give this risky geezer any money as he shoots one of the best chat-up lines ever conceived: “Agent X revealed that his group had identified [Laura Eisenhower] through her bloodline, as the matrilineal great-granddaughter of 34th U.S. President Eisenhower.”

The so-called “revelation” just happens to be part of world-wide history and Laura’s relation to President Eisenhower is a “fact” witnessed by scores of books. As if inspired by this quite remarkable discovery, we change planetary cultures as quickly as we change trains on a breath-taking journey: in this case, we move from Mayan prophecies to seeing Laura

as a unique reincarnation of Magdalene/Sophia/Isis (ever since she was young, many psychics have recognized her). He also said his group was interested in her twin sons, who they knew as Romulus and Remus (founders of Rome).

 Of course. Who else?

Just as there appear to be no extraterrestrial alien sewage workers, in these psychic tales no alien impoverished psychopathic cat-meat men ever appear. I mean imagine, after having paid his money, a customer learns that their astral body progressed through to a 3 thousand-year-old gang of mentally degenerate loin-clothed Dhobi Wallahs on the banks of the Ganges? Meanwhile, Agent X soon turns out to be someone you wouldn’t trust your wallet with, never mind your daughter:

They (the group around Agent X) had a list of male partners, who she (Laura) could be with in possible timelines, and he (Agent X) was one of them. They targeted her (especially her heart) and these men through electromagnetic or psychic weaponry, and indeed many men tried to destroy her throughout her life.

Laura appears to have a penchant for basket-case boyfriends—why not get a decent Jewish lawyer and be done with it? Meantime, the problems multiply, for this crowd doesn’t talk about the match on the telly last night.

Agent X admitted that he (as well as his parents) was implanted with a chip and had a multiple personality disorder which involves very sudden robotic and abusive behaviors. This is the typical profile of someone who was subjected to well-documented MK-ULTRA experiments and multi-generational occult ritual abuse.

Just what Laura needs for washing the dishes and shopping:  Agent X morphs into a regular Screwball Messmate of the Month. This sudden update is of course derived from retail Ufology, B-feature films, and much Web conspiratorial intrigue, and Ki’ Lia concludes it with sounding brass and tinkling cymbals:

Their data about Laura and her partners were seemingly gathered through a time viewing device (which they had called ‘Looking Glass’ or ‘Orion’s Cube’ or possibly through remote viewing or even time travel – all part of their cadre of top classified technologies (already disclosed in increasing black projects literature).

Where is Agent X now, we might ask? With dyed hair, new teeth and some purloined clothes, just like Bill “SERPO” Ryan, he is probably chatting up gullible Manhattan Princesses and spinning them UFO contact and abduction stories by the tumbril-load.

Here in this vast spectrum of New Age ideas and beliefs are the new fairy stories of our own Age. But the difference with Exopolitics is that such are claimed to be within that dimension of Prime Time called the “real.” And if someone suggested that traditional fairy stories written up by Hans Andersen and the Brother Grimm were descriptions of so-called “real” experiences? Well, in Exopolitical lore, Cinderella “actually” went to the Ball and had two Ugly Sisters.

Exopolitical debates are the full equivalent to debates about the “actual” colour of Cinderella’s shoes and which “actual” ball Cinderella attended. Thus in dry Exopolitical accounts, rationalism is transformed into a programmable form of pantomime virtuality in which discursive reasoning becomes yet another gaming option.

We may laugh loudly.  But in a sense these texts are far superior to many “scientific” documents of our time written in corporate-manager, tank-track prose by men from the earnest lower middle class with their shirt-pocket pen arsenals. Conservative-paranoid and scraped clean of all life and imagination, most “scientific” books read like instructions on a pack of corn plasters. In contrast, most Exopolitical texts, when considered purely as texts, have considerable psycho-social value because they show important features of the psychology of image formation contained within the development of story technology, as it seeks out new kinds of power.

The Theory

 We see then that Salla’s “lot of stuff” gleaned from the web has exploded into a vast mythological world that stretches out, quite equal to the worlds in the big war-gaming software. From being a foil-hat, Jerry Pippin-type, small Ufological movement like Project Camelot, now Exopolitics, like its parallel movement Scientology, has the full attention of important and influential culture warriors—although the faces of its star “scientists” (who are equally managers of other rival mythologies) have yet to appear.

What makes Exopolitics different, of course, from any other similar movements in this respect is its calm claim for the “reality” of the extraterrestrial experience. It has no problem with what it assumes to be the sheer number of space ships and aliens which are visiting Earth, although very few other observers have spotted such Armadas. Exopolitics claims the positive existence of its cherished phenomena and in this sense is the direct mirror opposite of the Denial Movements which refute the Holocaust or deny the original Moon Landing. The psychological asymmetry here shows the differential potentials of those positive and negative forces, whose pushes and pulls drive all imaginative creativity.

As a movement for the nonchalant bureaucratisation of the ludicrous, where on earth does Exopolitics fit in history?  With a struggle it might fit with various hole-in-a-corner cultures like witchcraft, occultism, whirling dervishes, or even Morris Dancing. It would certainly have fitted nineteenth century spiritualist movements, since most of the Exopolitical alien “contacts” and indeed space ships are as vaporous as the ectoplasm of Conan Doyle and Baron von Schrenck-Notzing. But Exopolitics has now found a role which gives it a popular power far beyond such nineteenth century movements.

In this respect, the Exopolitical movement must be viewed in the context of the apocalyptic fears and doubts of a mass-media society in crisis. The populations of the entire world are now mind-fed and controlled by a limitless stream of images, symbols and metaphors, some very basic and crude, others more intricately inspired by such exquisitely produced films as The Matrix, Avatar, and Close Encounters.

Soap Opera

The middle classes have always lacked a good soap opera to reflect and endorse its predicaments. The popular TV broad-ass soap models are always strictly for the sheeple, with their dumbed-down content and simple-minded cartoon-sketches rolled out for the strange appetite of the hoi polloi for countless billions of toxic images per second.

Thus Exopolitics gives the web-powered middle classes all the affirmation they ever wanted. The peasantry won’t understand Exopolitics, and the trendy literary intellectuals, utterly self-isolated from any kind of “scientific” knowledge, are not bright enough for it. The ever-frightened scientists will stay away in droves and Exopolitics is far too technological for fey media folk, and far too weird and difficult for conventional “arts” folk.

In the face of the claims of Exopolitics, all priests will raise their hands in horror, the sane will flee to put their heads back into their little boxes, and “scientific” Ufologists (rather like Darwinian professors scanning leaf mould with magnifying glasses) will scream for the “facts” of the Exopolitical situation to be carefully “investigated,” thoroughly “researched,” and “put into a proper perspective.”

All these groups lag so far behind the Big Media Age they haven’t even reached the TV Age yet, never mind cyber culture. Exopolitics as Media in the Raw, Exopolitics as Lady GaGa, so to speak, beats all Cartesian measurement hands down.

Like the TV series Twin Peaks, or The League of Gentlemen, or the delightful, edifying fantasies of “factual” or “scientific” Ufology, Exopolitics thus fulfils all the conditions of an elitist Media form. It is now feeling its strength and has quite taken over common-or-garden Old Ufology, strangling it rather like a proliferating pond-weed.

Why, says Exopolitics, spend a whole lifetime compiling merely lists of case-histories and searching for possibly non-existent alien artefacts when an alien (of a particular species) may be managing the big scientific corporation just across the high street?

Ufology as Art Form

There are UFOs and then there is Ufology.

Exopolitics represents a post-modern, meme-based, prototypal entertainment system. Facts and fictions do not relate to such virtual super-liminal constructs as SERPO and Project Camelot, any more than they relate to the Yellow Brick Road or Bob Hope’s Road to Morocco. If anything good can be said about these constructs, it is that they represent cerebral Pop Art of a very high standard. It is a relatively new genre of highly wrought modern social comedy. Born between the burgeoning games systems of web virtuality, then got caught between cyber culture, science fiction hallucinations, and countless elitist conspiracies of many a kidney. Having said that, I accept that Exopolitics is an authentic form of post-modern expression, and I rank it up there with Thunderbirds, Mission Impossible and Dr Who.

Undoubtedly Exopolitics is Ufology at its best as post-modern Art Form. Warhol would have loved these sculpted multimedia manifestations and their do-anything, say-anything claims for human habitations on Mars and Aliens striding through the West Wing of the White House.

And once one accepts Exopolitical culture as a form of multimedia expressionism, it becomes interesting in itself. Most of our Exopolitical Statesmen are well educated, highly intelligent, powerfully motivated, not the usual foil-hat Okies from Muskogee. Additionally, that they are all most probably quite sane is an interesting psychological mystery in itself. That they do not turn into script writers is another mystery. But conventional media may be too small and genteel a form of expression for them.

Exopolitics also has the purely erotic nature of instant throw-away consumerism. Let’s face it —Exopolitics gives good intellectual sex. It represents the thinking person’s Lady GaGa in the manner (in Britain) that BBC “Arts” presenter Joan Bakewell once was said to represent “the thinking man’s crumpet”.

Asking Exopoliticians for “evidence” of their claims and belief is rather asking Yogi Bear what kind of ice-cream he likes. “Fact” in the strictest sense cannot be applied to Big Media. The liminal memes which make up the body of Exopolitics just don’t work that way; they are performers in a comic metaphysical drama. Exopolitics is pure theatre, and damn good theatre it is, too. We must remember that in our burgeoning Global Village there is no such thing as Cartesian distance, for the Global Village is a quantum plasma. It works any which way.

Their blogs and emails alone make up the best English-language social comedies since Richard Sheridan or Ben Jonson, and it all is designed to get inextricably mixed with “real politics.” Take a look at this unblushing prose from Webre:

A very real exercise in comparative exopolitics has come about simultaneously, (and perhaps synchronistically) in a Russian Federation and in the United States.  Exopolitics in a Russian state Duma have brought Russian President Dmitry Medvedev face to face with the same set of expolitical issues addressed by the August 2010 ballot initiative for an Extraterrestrial Affairs commission in Denver, Colorado.

Liberal Democrat Party representative and state Duma deputy Andrei Lebedev “fears that extraterrestrials may have compromised Russia’s official secrets.  After hearing a TV interview in which the President of the Kalmyk Republic, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, spoke of his meeting with an alien spaceship, Lebedev called for instant action,” according to news reports in Russia.

President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov’s close encounter took place on September 18, 1997, and Ilyumzhinov recalled it in a recent interview with TV presenter Vladimir Pozner.  He stated that others “might be sceptical, but added, ‘I believe I communicated with them, I saw them. I probably would not have believed it, but there were three witnesses: my driver, the Minister and my assistant.”  ABC News reports, “Kirsan Ilyumzihov was at home in his Moscow apartment when they came in and abducted him, taking him to their space ship where they communicated with him telepathically”.

Following President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov’s revelation of his meeting with extraterrestrials, “state Duma deputy Abdrei Lebedev concluded that Ilyumzhinov had something to hide, and warned that ‘sensitive information’ could have been passed to the interplanetary guests”.  [7]

All good fun we say, but telepathic communication often results in victims taking their interrogations a bit too earnestly, as in this private email:

A note about aliens I know and I promise to try and contain myself when I reference these bastards.

I do not speak for other abductees and I do not speak about other alien beings visiting this planet of which there are apparently many.  I speak of the SOBs that come to my house and remove me from my bed, whoever they may be. Bobby says they look like:

Anything and everything any of these aliens I know ever conveyed to me is a lie, flat out lie.  At the time I did not realize they were telling me lies but upon returning home and finding out what happened to me I find once again they lied to me.  What these bastards do to humans is a violation of our human rights. Our physical body is nothing more than to experiment with which makes one quickly realize we humans are no more than laboratory animals.  My handlers occasionally take me, do their experiments and return me to bed and I’m not supposed to not know the difference. I thought I had a horrible dream until I find blood on the sheets where bone marrow was removed or more tissue samples were taken, or more blood extracted.  And then I occasionally wake up screaming in pain, often very severe pain from yet another procedure. I have woken many times screaming in pain once I was returned to bed. I have scared the hell out of my wife several times when I woke and screamed because the pain was so severe but I could do nothing else but scream until the pain subsided.

Such accounts of whole new systems of experience, which relate minimally to the politics and economics of the old industrial world once called the “real” world, show that Exopolitics is now at a stage in the web Petri dish where it is about to mutate and transform itself into an imitation toy political system.

We have therefore a new form of political control whose existential base does not relate to objective facts and evidence any more than it relates to the horse-drawn carriage, or Gladstone’s Third Administration. This is, in fact, a completely new stage of what I have described elsewhere as story technology. [8]  

Media Fission: The Alice Fractal

All cultures are advertising systems, and certainly Exopolitics is no exception. By and large, Exopolitics helps to manage and develop the core stories of our time. These stories are grouped around what might be called Domains, examples of which include the Military Industrial Complex, the Pentagon, Area 51, NASA—and of course we may include Hollywood. All these Domains secrete hive-mythology. In their developed form they are the ultimate version of Kafka’s castle: a Central Mythological Control ant hill full of deceptions, intrigues, and cover-ups set distinctly within the general alien conspiratorial mysterium.

The most minor NASA report has only to mention the word “space” in some slightly different experimental context, and swarms of mythological theorists flock like gone-mad hive-bees even to a fragmentary and slightly ambiguous sentence containing the word. This is because they have been told (through countless films alone) that “space” is where aliens come from. As in the Gary McKinnon case, countless bloggers try to squeeze a thousand interpretations from a simple, sometimes hacked sentence mentioning “space officers” (most probably meaning astronauts).

This is indeed a kind of imaginary affliction rather like the legendary Morgellons Disease. There are now thousands of people who form their entire lives around these virtual Exopolitical constructs just as a mass TV audience forms lives around the characters in popular soap operas and make the characters so alive within the viewers’ selves that they live with them as fully formed avatars. Indeed, now a whole thriving psychiatric industry has formed to de-programme Exopolitical-type belief casualties. Gone-mad TV aficionados have had the same facilities available to them for some time, of course.

These affectations of consumer-led junk culture such as Exopolitics we have seen previously, everywhere from sniffing glue to BingoMania. In a harsh environment where for spiritual uplift there is nothing but political corruption and badly decayed religion, people understandably crave mind-sugar for uplift of any kind. From mind-drugs such as Exopolitics all the way to heroin and speed, people long for a world beyond the one they live in, which has been stripped of transcendental elements.

Conventional media (by now looking pretty old-fashioned compared to web media) cannot supply such exotic drugs as Exopolitics. Although comparatively young, Exopolitics supplies greater inspiration if only because it is young in spirit and appeals to a new generation tired of standard TV formulas. By pure manipulated suggestion, an Exopolitical audience is willingly drugged into new image dimensions and made ravenous for “disclosure.”  As with TV again, many would be quite ill without such liminal food being forced into their mental veins hour after hour with ever-increasing frequency.

There are of course some big differences between Exopolitics and TV. In contrast to Exopolitics, TV viewers don’t have to search for “evidence” of their avatars, for these are there to be seen every night. Exopolitical “viewers”  (yes, we can call them viewers), on the other hand, have to search for the claimed “aliens” who lack a common and easily accessible form – how much more exciting this is than being served on a platter with predictable, dumbed-down formulas! This gives Exopolitics a cerebral element almost totally lacking in TV, which is essentially a non-cerebral system. Whilst both are addictive and consumer agendas, Exopolitics, unlike TV, does not praise its audience; it challenges them, in the manner of a scrabble game or crossword puzzle, to fill a void with answers.

Whilst TV is physically attractive and allows instant access to limitless full-focus colour images, Exopolitical images of aliens (where there are any at all) are dark and obscure. Both image types as styles, whether clear or unreadable, are suggestion-arrays that operate markedly different types of mass-persuasion schema. Both offer the illusion of freedom of choice. Yet viewers of Exopolitics like the TV viewers, are at the mercy of much interweaving and overlapping image-control software mounted by many rapidly-evolving and different technologies.

Another very important difference between Exopolitics and TV is that the former offers “reality,” whilst TV has no claims in that direction, except for so-called “reality” shows which are performed as metaphysical jokes. Here is another important difference: TV offers life-saving humour, whilst Exopolitics offers no such thing; the boring aliens are conceived of as drab and humourless with enough boy-scout New Age agendas to make an old hippy weep. Rather than aliens attacking us in the manner suggested by Hawking, the option that worthy aliens might bore the tits off us all has never been posited. Prim virtue does not figure in the Prime Time stakes of TV or Exopolitics.

As a nice paradox, Exopolitics states that aliens and their spaceships are all quite blandly and nonchalantly visible, and hence there is the tantalising possibility of a member of the audience discovering an alien and becoming as famous as Christopher Columbus. TV soap operas are a bit outclassed in this respect. No sane TV viewer searches for the “real” Captain Kirk in the supermarket, although given present-day mass-conditioning they might note different approximate forms at the meat counter. We all now in doll-thrall, with movements like Exopolitics acting as cybernetic protein-strings full of momentary sugar-fixes.

The movement formed by Webre and Salla also represents a powerful kind of intellectual subversion: quite unlike TV, Exopolitics is broadly anti-authority, and joins hands with all those folk who would like to see their beloved leaders admit to alien presence with egg on their bland, politically correct, social-democratic faces.

From this has come a somewhat alarming pseudo-science-based pseudo-rationalism (in cyberspace all science is “pseudo”). It pervades attempts to fully assemble in complete detail all aspects of “superior” alien cultures. Thus “scientific” rationalism becomes another social-scientific cloaking-mystique.  As such, in that it vectors the verisimilitude of the mutating story-lines in our world of experience. Throughout our daily lives, “consciousness” consists of this instantaneous processing of countless Media scripts mounted by various image-based story technologies, of which Exopolitics is one.

Exopolitics is therefore a big meme-game, and works rather like the SERPO and SPORE meme-games in that interested parties can add to the game-play themselves. Unlike TV soap operas, entire happy families can participate and create their own episodes. Many of these “alien” tales and part-tales about UFOs and conspiracies are willingly broadcast by popular U.S. broadcasters such as Jerry “foil-hat” Pippin. No script in the conventional sense is needed—just a thread of suggestion created on a kitchen table with a screen, a keyboard and a terminal. Yet story technology is the most powerful dialectical viral form ever created.

Virtual structures of our time such as Exopolitics contain a mock-cerebral element which aids their verisimilitude. Junior and Senior and Little Miss Muffet can add their latest scrupulous thoughts, and the wonderful thing about this new genre (for new genre it is) is that there is no censorship, no chance of rejection and every chance that someone, somewhere will catch a fragment of your make-believe. This story-fragment will feedback and fast-breed other such fragments until this postmodern plasma becomes translated into the programmatic “real”. Thus every single mind, young and old, has its very own magic lantern theatre being fed by an ever-advancing Big Media power.

This level of Virtuality might be called Entertainment Fission. TV alone has already created a form of life support machine where the billions of images per second will eventually quite replace “facts” as causation. The Prime Mover will be the Media Star. For better or for worse, both Weber and Salla are moving towards this state, as is Sarah Palin, whose fundamentalist Christianity is but two cyber steps away from Exopolitics. Nothing else but the stuff of Performance and Personality (and here I again include the Exopoliticians) will be needed as science is relegated to becoming a support base for Big Media.

The CERN Collider, for example, is producing just as many metaphors, images and symbols as it is producing “facts.”  Exopolitics, like many other things ancillary to it, is a prototypal world. Eventually, given ever-increasing media power, its protein cells may push aside the so-called real world, as in The Matrix, or in a more sophisticated form by Borges in Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius.

Thus Exopolitics is story-technology with a vengeance, and as such it does not contain any kind of mechanical vector. There is no traditional “progress” in this non-dimensional Matrix-type plasma, which is the translation of older forms of political control into virtuality. Humans now live their entire lives within such imagined structures. Soon in this brave new cosmos, people will be described and defined as atmospheres, rather than anything “concrete”. “Fact” will be relegated to simply storing one’s body weight, height, and National Insurance number. The old-fashioned “trip” or “fix” is brought up to date by Exopolitics and its myriad ancillary media forms.

Such an induction of states of mind rather than any induction of linear “objective facts” creates a more flexible and psychologically penetrative weapon than passive TV viewing. By comparison with Web-born memes, TV gives a steady low-frequency dosage episode by episode. Television’s ranges of optional image-dilutions will of course maintain the illusion of virtual “progress” in time, but only as a gaming-vector itself. Seen in this wider context, the buzzwords “real” and “scientific” and “factual”, as used extensively by Exopolitics, are nothing more than a fairground barker’s shouts using borrowed phrases from ”science”—and “science” is now little more than a Prime Time silver screen  itself.

Many landowners in Victorian times built huge follies, some of which gigantic ornaments still stand. Follies were the ill-conceived playthings of the ill-educated nouveau riche who, within a few generations, found themselves with too much time and money. They were symbols of perfect impracticality: whimsical, fanciful, eccentric decorations rather than dwellings, the precursors of the Long Island theme-mansions mythologised by Fitzgerald in The Great Gatsby.

Exopolitics is the similar folly of our own times. As a movement, it is a massive piece of Gormenghast junk, a prime cut from a pop-media supermarket. But then science and Cartesian rationalism both represent a similar kind of Baroque cave-painting by numbers. In a media-soaked Age, where consciousness itself may be described as living theatre, we cannot help but navigate mentally by such cartoons and doll’s houses, which thrive rather like giant psychedelic mushrooms in our head.

What is the ultimate function of systems of story-lines such as Exopolitics? They force a mind to imagine. We are hatcheries made to carry the cuckoo-like story-lines in which memes act as mutant and fast-multiplying egg-cells.

This may be the first indication of how a truly alien mind might work.


  1. Note: In case anyone should think that this article is a put-down of UFOs and Ufology, the author would like to say that he had a spectacular UFO sighting some years ago. As a direct result of that experience he lost some time. He therefore regards himself as a contactee in the twilight zones of le grande illusion.

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