About Colin Bennett

About Colin Bennett

Colin Bennett, born Colin Reginald Bennett (1939–2015) was an English philosopher of Ufology, anomalies, and the paranormal. He was a Fortean and postmodern thinker, and a noted biographer of Charles Fort, Edward Ruppelt and the UFO contactee George Adamski – this last book is said by Mac Tonnies to “probe the 20th century’s military-industrial-mythological complex with an intellectual and literary fortitude seldom encountered in popular works on UFOs”, …

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UFOs: “Deception…Is The Key To This Whole Business”

An interview with Colin Bennett by Nick Redfern As some readers of Mysterious Universe will know, one of my big interests is the Contactee/Space Brother phenomenon, which was most prominent in the 1950s. It’s a subject which is very often derided by many in Ufology (and, at times, with good reason…). But, that doesn’t take …

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For the Sake of a Greater Cosmos

An introduction to the thought of Colin Bennett Colin Bennett’s rich and lasting contribution to our culture was as a philosopher of anomalies. His thought—full of brilliance, broad humour, lyricism, and vitality, and exquisitely allusive in its breadth of reference—is embodied in three analytical biographies, three highly original novels which went far beyond the contemporary …

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