Science and Scepticism

From Combat Diary 27 There have recently been many web attacks on UFO believers and “New Age” folk, mostly by scientists and sceptics. Why are scientists so afraid and so censorious of all contemporary heightened experience? Science did not emerge new-born as a clean deal devoid of metaphysics and owes its very life to mystical …

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Weaponising the Narrative Cover

Weaponising The Narrative

for Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniac who helped create the modern imagination Published in UFO Magazine, Volume 24, No. 5, June 2012 Descartes versus Chocolate-Fudge Bananas Almost all human beings now spend their entire waking lives talking to robots and watching silver screens.  In this world, composed almost entirely of simulations, there is detectable a …

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Skepticism as Mystique: A Fortean Essay in Rationalist Panics and Skeptical Dementia

Published in UFO Magazine, Vol. 21 No. 10.  December 2006 The Cultural Battlefield There are two kinds of skepticism: local and cultural.  The first is wholly healthy. It shields us from the statements of politicians as it protects us from the claims of second-hand car salesmen and the bovine simplicities of television.  Chronic cultural skepticism, …

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Recipe For a Universe

First published in Fortean Times, October 2000 First sit in your room and claim to be the maker of a known corn circle, although you have done nothing of the kind.  The ideal concealment is non-involvement. Now stand well back and prepare to duck. Rationalists and scientists will comment, but don’t worry.  As usual they …

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Managing Mystery

First published in UFO Magazine August 2006 Everybody Laughs at Xera A twenty-something called David distributes a pamphlet entitled Visions Now to the seething Saturday crowds in Portobello Road.  David, with his long green hair and a bamboo nose-flute around his neck, leads a dog on a string. His purple robe is embroidered with every …

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