For the Sake of a Greater Cosmos

An introduction to the thought of Colin Bennett Colin Bennett’s rich and lasting contribution to our culture was as a philosopher of anomalies. His thought—full of brilliance, broad humour, lyricism, and vitality, and exquisitely allusive in its breadth of reference—is embodied in three analytical biographies, three highly original novels which went far beyond the contemporary …

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About Colin Bennett

Colin Bennett, born Colin Reginald Bennett (1939–2015) was an English philosopher of Ufology, anomalies, and the paranormal. He was a Fortean and postmodern thinker, and a noted biographer of Charles Fort, Edward Ruppelt and the UFO contactee George Adamski – this last book is said by Mac Tonnies to “probe the 20th century’s military-industrial-mythological complex with an intellectual and literary fortitude seldom encountered in popular works on UFOs”, …

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Colin Bennett’s Books

NON-FICTION: POLITICS OF THE IMAGINATIONhttp://cosimobooks.com/book_description.php?book=77&texto=Politics-of-the-Imagination-The-Life–Work-and-Ideas-of-Charles-Fort–Introduction-by-John-Keel-1605200689-9781605200682&uri= LOOKING FOR ORTHON http://cosimobooks.com/book_description.php?book=76&texto=Looking-for-Orthon-The-Story-of-George-Adamski–the-First-Flying-Saucer-Contactee–and-How-He-Changed-the-World-1605200670-9781605200675&uri= FLYING SAUCERS OVER THE WHITE HOUSE http://cosimobooks.com/book_description.php?book=3526&texto=Flying-Saucers-over-the-White-House-The-Inside-Story-of-Captain-Edward-J.-Ruppelt-and-His-Official-U.S.-Airforce-Investigation-of-UFOs-161640454X-9781616404543&uri= FICTION: INFANTRYMANhttps://www.amazon.co.uk/Infantrymans-Fear-Open-Country/dp/1872180256/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=The+Infantryman%27s+Fear+of+Open+Country&qid=1563276592&s=books&sr=1-1 ENTERTAINMENT BOMB https://www.amazon.co.uk/Entertainment-Bomb-Colin-Bennett/dp/1899690018/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=The+Entertainment+Bomb+Colin+Bennett&qid=1563276703&s=books&sr=1-1 RUMFORD ROGUES https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rumford-Rogues-Tales-Consumer-Life/dp/190048675X/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=tHE+rUMFORD+rOGUES+Colin+Bennett&qid=1563276785&s=books&sr=1-1


UFOs: “Deception…Is The Key To This Whole Business”

An interview with Colin Bennett by Nick Redfern As some readers of Mysterious Universe will know, one of my big interests is the Contactee/Space Brother phenomenon, which was most prominent in the 1950s. It’s a subject which is very often derided by many in Ufology (and, at times, with good reason…). But, that doesn’t take …

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Milteer’s Rooms

2002 He looked upon these mechanisms as others looked upon dinosaur bones and the Dead Sea Scrolls. In a similar sense, he could draw patterns of complex evolution from them. These were to him primordial seams in base rock, compressed forests which could be decoded into lives and days and embryo thoughts of mankind’s thoughts. …

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The Latex Princess

1998 A bespectacled young girl of slight figure, who looked exactly like the long-haired young Coleridge from Peter Vandyke’s portrait, rode on a rickety bicycle by a long, rutted concrete wharf, where tired Polish freighters unloaded a brown Silesian coal whose protozoic edges could take off a finger in seconds. Streaked through with hairlines of …

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Me Gone Cargo

2000 The gas-main repair crew taking a tea break in Bradley Road, W11 didn’t spare much notice for Ethel Bratby as she shuffled along the broken pavement with her heavy bags. Most of the workmen were too intent on the young girls sunning themselves in the beleaguered park over the road, between the new private …

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Systems Analysis

1999 Brenda Harris, trainee psychiatrist at H.M. Prison Drakebury, almost groaned as she read the report on Prisoner 60149837. A first interview with a fallen computer-programmer from Shepherd’s Bush was the kind of thing only a black Monday-morning like the one outside her window could offer. She read through the brief report again and, though …

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